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Welcome to the North End Concert Series, located on the northern end of Old Town Alexandria!  It has been our pleasure and honor to host a few special  house concert events each year with some of our very favorite independent artists.  If you aren't familiar with the house concert thing, you're in for a treat - its a great way to enjoy your favorite music - or discover new amazing artists - in a comfortable and informal setting - our living room!

We have just a few house rules, but we do ask that everyone RSVP via our evite (email us at to get one!).  The ticket price is a minimum donation for the artist - cash at door or paypal in advance -- all proceeds always go directly to the artist.  Bring extra cash for cds and merch!! Get on our mailing list by emailing us - we'll put you on the evite for the next show!!   Facebook

Who's next?!

Natalia Zukerman and Meghan Toohey Fri Nov 21 8:00pm (Doors @ 7:30)

Natalia's new record Come Thief, Come Fire completely blows our mind - a record so true and from the heart, it takes your breath and then more.. ! Some info on this wonderful artist: Natalia Zukerman grew up in New York City, studied art at Oberlin, worked in mural arts in San Francisco, began her songwriting career in Boston, and now resides, writes, plays and paints in Brooklyn, NY. The daughter of classical musicians Eugenia and Pinchas Zukerman, Natalia found her sound in other strings – those on slide guitar, lap steel, dobro. She found kinship in the earthiness and honesty of folk, bluegrass, jazz and blues music. More..

Natalia will be joined by award winning multi-instrumentalist / Producer/Songwriter Meghan Toohey who has performed and recorded with ​​​​​Smashing Pumpkins, The Weepies, Lenka, ​​​Lucy Schwartz  Schuyler Fisk, Lori Mckenna, Raining Jane, Natalia Zuckerman, Lindsay Mac, Vivek Shraya and others. She has appeared on Conan O'Brien, Lilith Fair, and you've heard her on Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Sex In The City and many other programs. Her new group, The Cold and Lovely, with Nicole Fiorentino (The Smashing Pumpkins) has received rave reviews, with a new album out in June 2014!

Christine Havrilla We can't wait - details coming soon!

Who's been?!

Dayna Kurtz Sat Nov 1 2014 8:00pm
  Last night, Dayna Kurtz lit up the room with her sultry voice and intoxicating strings.  From acoustic to electric guitar, then banjo and a truly kick ass slide, she held the room in the palm of her hands, and took us through some of the best new music we’ve heard in ages (pre-order this NOW!) as well as her own beloved standards, and those rare gems she does so well from her Secret Canon Series.  We’d need at least a three day concert to hear all of our favorite Kurtz tunes, and she always leaves us wanting more.  We can’t have her back soon enough, and we know we’re not alone when we say that it was a memorable night that we are grateful for.  Thank you Dayna! Pre-order the new album today!
Anne Heaton Sat Jan 11 2014 7:30pm
  Singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist Anne Heaton has amassed awards and praise from critics, fellow artists and fans with her songs that are by turns “tender, barbed and spiritual” (Washington Post). Her graceful, vulnerable, and sometimes humorous pop-folk songs have captured audience imaginations for over a decade.
Christine Havrilla Sat Dec 7 2013 7:30pm
  Christine Havrilla rocked the house last night with some of the best guitar playing we have heard. Beyond talented guitarist, her voice has never sounded better and her songwriter rings true and full of passion.
She graced us with two great sets, including fantastic new songs, and many of our favorites such as Foolish Lullaby, Daffodil, Take another Look and Hole in the Ground. Christine also delivered ingenious renditions of Folsom Prison Blues and Radioactive. We're glad to have her back on the east coast and look forward to seeing her soon!
AG, Maia Sharp & Garrison Starr! Sat Oct 19 2013 7:30pm
  Having AG, Maia and Garrison here was just beyond amazing - these women are fiercely talented. Their song writing is well known in the industry and we can see why - simply brilliant. They played together, sharing the lead in turn and harmonizing beautifully. This was a rare and magical evening that we will not soon forget!!
Meg Hutchinson
Fri June 28 2013 8pm

Meg Hutchinson inspired us with her poetry and wooed us with her music in a very special evening. Her songs are transformative, and take us on a journey that touches the heart and soul... And big news coming from Meg - Winterbloom is featured in a new indy film, and her new record, Beyond That is out now and available on iTunes! We can't wait to see her again - thank you Meg!!

Natalia Zukerman & AG

Sat Apr 20 2013 8pm

What an amazing night with these two brilliant women - Both Natalia & AG have new CDs - Me After You is now on permanent replay status on our pod - absolutely brilliant lyrics and a voice that is just magical and haunting.. Natalia is so many things at once – bluesy jazz folk that is utterly unique and one of kind. Her new live CD is Gypsies & Clowns almost completely captures how amazing she is live. Their art is also phenomenal – we managed to score a couple of fantastic pieces! This was such an amazing night for us – they performed together effortlessly, with grace, humor and brilliance. Thank you AG & Natalia! Check them out yourself if you missed it!


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